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Trade Credit

In today's global trade, credit is vital, but it comes with risks. Trade credit insurance is crucial for business stability, offering non-cancellable credit security, balance sheet protection, and enhanced sales potential.

Export Credit Insurance

Export credit insurance protects exporters from non-payment risks by insuring their accounts receivable for international transactions.

Non-payment insurance for financial institutions

We specialize in Credit Insurance for International and African Financial Institutions, mitigating non-payment risks and enhancing balance sheet management in Africa.

Political risk Insurance

Our Political Risk Insurance shields against Government actions, Political unrest, and Economic turmoil in nations where you operate, covering risks like Expropriation, Political violence, trade restrictions, and currency challenges.

Contract Frustration

We provide specialized insurance for companies investing in emerging markets, assisting Financial Institutions, Capital Investment, and Private Equity Funds against political risks such as non-payment by sovereign entities.

Financial Institutions Insurance

Our Financial Institutions Insurance offers global coverage, tailored to client needs, including bankers' blanket bond, professional indemnity, directors' and officers', and more. Areas covered include bankers' blanket bond, cash in transit, commercial crime, professional indemnity, and directors' and officers' liability.

Other services

Cyber Insurance

Cyber perils are ubiquitous in modern life, with businesses heavily reliant on IT and data. Governments and regulators are swiftly implementing privacy laws to adapt to technological changes. We understand these risks and are positioned to advise businesses on their cyber insurance needs.

Emerging risk Insurance

We lead in innovation to tackle emerging risks, leveraging our expertise in complex insurance products. We specialize in information technology and telecommunications risk, offering modular coverage through proprietary Comtech products.

Digital Money Protection

We're partnering with insurers and regulators to offer insurance solutions for the booming digital money sector in Africa, reshaping traditional banking with cost-effective financial services.

Claims management

We handle claims with expertise and care, ensuring accurate presentation to insurers and compliance with regulatory requirements, making the process easy for our clients.

Risk management

In addition to insurance broking, we provide tailored Risk Management advice, assisting clients in loss prevention, regulatory compliance, and corporate restructuring for improved risk performance.

Latest product offerings

Lagos Passengers Insurance Policy (LASPIP)

This is a personal accident insurance designed to provide cover for over 19 million commuters daily in Lagos State registered commercial vehicles and ferries. The policy covers Death, Permanent Disability, Medical Expenses and Burial Expenses. This cover was arranged for the Lagos State Government and is insured by a Consortium of Underwriters led by LASACO Assurance Plc.


Diaspora Mortgage Finance and Investment Bond

Since 2017, T.A. Braithwaites has been developing together with the African Union, African Multilateral and Development institutions, International Commercial Banks and a US Technology company, a Diaspora Mortgage Scheme to enable Africans in Diaspora purchase homes and make investments in their country of origin. Our participation and the basis of the long-term and well-priced financing required for the Mortgage scheme, is for the provision of Mortgage Protection Insurances, tailor-made for the Mortgagee and Mortgagor.