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Special and Financial lines

At T.A. Braithwaite we have the requisite skills to arrange special and financial insurance with local and international insurers creating an end to end solution for clients risk.

Trade Credit

Buyers and sellers have long relied on credit to facilitate trade but never more so than in today’s global marketplace where supply and demand are founded on increasingly complex credit arrangements. However, where credit is involved, there are also counterparty risks if a buyer defaults on payment, or inability to meet its commitments due to insolvency or for other reasons? Non-payment can have a devastating effect on the balance sheet of the entity extending credit which is why trade credit insurance is essential for business security and confidence.

The key benefits for clients include: security of non-cancellable credit and country limits; balance sheet and cash-flow protection; improved terms for bank financing facilities; an effective alternative to letters of credit or other types of collateral; reduced need for bad debt reserves; increased potential for sales growth to new and existing customers. The risk transfer arrangements we provide, satisfy capital adequacy requirements.

Export Credit Insurance

Is a specialized insurance cover for exporters to protect against non-payment by the importer. It is an insurance and risk management product offered by private insurance companies to business entities, to protect their account receivables from loss due to credit risks such as protracted default, insolvency or bankruptcy. Export credit insurance covers the export trade of the policy holder i.e. trade with buyers located in countries other than the exporter’s country.

Non Payment Insurance for financial Institutions

This is one of our specialist areas, where we provide Credit Insurance covering the risk of Non-payment of finance and other facilities provided by International and African Financial Institutions to their clients within the African continent. This type of insurance is being utilized by Financial Institutions not just as a form of protection, but as well for the easing of their balance sheet; utilizing rated guarantees by way of an insurance cover for the unrated risk of the borrower.

Political Risk Insurance

With political instability in many nations in Africa, investors have realized that countries which they previously felt to be stable turned out to be a place in which they could no longer do business.

Political Risk Insurance arranged by us provides broad cover against the risk of loss or damage arising from Government action, Political unrest and Economic turmoil in a country in which you are conducting business or have an interest and can be tailored to meet the needs of different customers.

The specific risks covered include Expropriation and Discriminatory actions, Political violence and Forced Abandonment, inability to export or import, and inability to convert or transfer currency or dividends.

Contract Frustration

In a global economy, mitigating political risk is becoming ever more relevant to companies operating and seeking to invest in emerging markets. We arrange insurance products which enables our clients to manage their cross-border portfolios and overseas investments with tailored, specialist policies.

Our key clients include Financial Institutions, Capital Investment and Private Equity Funds. This cover includes non-payment or non-performance by a sovereign or state-owned entity under a contract or loan agreement.

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