Political Risk Insurance:

With political instability in many nations in Africa, investors have realized that countries which they previously felt to be stable turned out to be a place in which they could no longer do business.

Political Risk Insurance arranged by us provides broad cover against the risk of loss or damage arising from Government action, Political unrest and Economic turmoil in a country in which you are conducting business or have an interest and can be tailored to meet the needs of different customers.

The specific risks covered include Expropriation and Discriminatory actions, Political violence and Forced Abandonment, inability to export or import, and inability to convert or transfer currency or dividends.

Special Risks:

This is our core area of specialization we have particular expertise in :-

  • Financial Risk
  • Bank participation
  • International Non Payment
  • Contract Frustration
  • Equity Insurance
  • Bonds and Financial Guarantees

Business Insurance:

The Business Insurance we transact includes but is not limited to:-

  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Engineering/Contractors All Risks
  • Group/Personal Accident Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Public/Product Liability Insurance
  • Money/Fidelity Guarantee Insurance
  • Plant All Risk Insurance

Personal Insurance:

  • Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • Householders/House-owner Comprehensive Insurance including Burglary & House Breaking
  • Building Insurance

Marine & Aviation:

  • Hull and Liability Cover
  • All Classes of Marine Cargo Insurance
  • Ports/Terminal Operators Liability Insurance
  • Offshore Risks

Export Credit Insurance:

This is a specialized insurance coverage for exporters to protect against non payment by the importer. It is an insurance and risk management product offered by private insurance companies to business entities wishing to protect their account receivables from loss due to credit risks such as protracted default, insolvency or bankruptcy.

Export credit insurance covers the export trade of the policy holder i.e. his trade with buyers located in countries other than his own.

We at T. A. Braithwaite have requisite skills in packaging this form of insurance for our clients with Local and International Insurers and Reinsurers through our subsidaries and partner brokers.


We are involved in the re-insurance treaty arrangements of several Nigerian Insurance companies which is a clear testimony of our ability and experience in the local and global markets to offer professional broking services.

We also possess the expertise in the arrangement of all classes of Proportional and Excess of Loss contracts with first class international Securities on behalf of Insurance companies.

Life Insurance Business:

  • Group Life
  • Life Assurance of various types
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Individual Life

Oil & Gas :

  • Construction All Risk
  • General Third Party Liability
  • Transit Risk
  • Platforms
  • Oil Rigs
  • Mobile Drilling Barges
  • Seepage and Pollution